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“Nature is always true and never trivial” – Hans Strand’s work is the most fascinating and inspiring landscape photography I’ve ever seen. He shows the landscapes of the north in an incredible powerful and emotional way. It is a must-see for every landscape photographer and a honor for me to link to his site.
Hans Strand Photography

First-class nature and macro photography: Naturfranken Martin & Stevie Amm on Facebook.

Amazing travel and landscape photography from all over the world by David Köster.

Astonishing landscapes, especially from beloved Iceland: Primordial Landscapes by Jens Bachmann.

Wonderful mixture of landscapes, macro photographs, panorama photography and people.

Macro photography at its best!

Nature photography by M. Gebel and M. Mergemeier – The best macro photography around, a great source of inspiration!

An excellent general nature photographer with focus on high-quality macro photography.

Great macro and panorama photography by Kai Rösler.

Nature photography by Dieter Wörrlein. Take a look at his excellent insect macro shots!

Naturpur-Fotografie by Norbert Arndt. Fantastic moor landscapes and macro shots.

Most senstive landscape and macro photography by Ines Mondon, just phantastic!

Nature photography by Gertraud & Michaela Beitzinger: Orchid and macro shots highly recommended!

Nature photography gallery with fascinating macro photographs!

Versatile portfolio of a talented Pentax photographer.

Outstanding landscape, macro and people photography, a must-see!
Jan Helge Petri

Very interesting and versatile blog on nature photography with magnificent images!
Thomas Marth

Boards and Communities

If you are interested in more images: My largest online photography gallery.

Pentax Photo Gallery
My work in Pentax Photo Gallery.

Me @ 500px
My site on 500px.

Me @, a very inspiring platform with marvellous images.

Forum für Naturfotografen
German nature photography board, some extraordinary skilled photographers, the place to be!
Anglophone photo community with some of the best photographers on the net.

German macro photography board.

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