aurora borealis

36 hours of Iceland

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Last month, I visited Iceland once more. The Iceland Airwaves 15 festival was my main purpose but the days beforehand I was eager to witness the northern lights again. The year before I was out of luck so I was ready to do the utmost to see the lights again.[…]

Aurora Borealis – Magic of the North

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One purpose of the Iceland trip in February/March was to see and shoot one of the most amazing and fascinating phenomenons of the planet – the Northern Light (Aurora Boralis). The lights, formed by the interaction of solar winds, the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, are typical for Iceland in[…]

Iceland Winter 2013 I

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Today I’d like to show you a first collection of photographs I took during my two weeks Iceland trip in late February/beginning of March with two good friends of mine, Martin and Stevie Amm from Naturfranken. After four trips to Iceland in summer, this was my first winter travel to[…]