Franconian Winter

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The Franconian Winter is obviously coming to an end, the first signs during the last days was warmer and wetter weather. The snow is almost completely gone in the lowland and even in mid altitudes it’s disappearing quickly. So time for a few last winter photographs for this year until[…]

South Coast Classics

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Once more I’ve been to Iceland last November. It was only a trip for ten days and photography wasn’t even my main purpose as I stayed a few days in Reykjavík. But of course it’s impossible not to take at least a few days time to travel around to enjoy[…]

Winter in Bavarian Forest

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I’ve been to Bavarian Forest National Park a few times now, during every season of the year – except of winter. This was something I was thinking of for quite a while, waiting for a good opportunity to realize it. About two weeks ago, weather started to get really interesting.[…]

Aurora Borealis – Magic of the North

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One purpose of the Iceland trip in February/March was to see and shoot one of the most amazing and fascinating phenomenons of the planet – the Northern Light (Aurora Boralis). The lights, formed by the interaction of solar winds, the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, are typical for Iceland in[…]

Iceland Winter 2013 II

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In winter, the weather in Iceland is almost as changeable as in every other season. A first week of barely wintry temperatures was followed by a second one with up to -10°C during the nights, which did not make sleeping in the car more comfortable. But even worse than the[…]

Iceland Winter 2013 I

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Today I’d like to show you a first collection of photographs I took during my two weeks Iceland trip in late February/beginning of March with two good friends of mine, Martin and Stevie Amm from Naturfranken. After four trips to Iceland in summer, this was my first winter travel to[…]