36 hours of Iceland

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Last month, I visited Iceland once more. The Iceland Airwaves 15 festival was my main purpose but the days beforehand I was eager to witness the northern lights again. The year before I was out of luck so I was ready to do the utmost to see the lights again.[…]

Scotland – A glimpse

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During end of May and beginning of June, I visited Scotland for the first time. The trip was split into two parts. After arriving in Edinburgh, walking through this wonderful city for a whole day, the first week I was busy with hiking the famous West Highland Way. This trail,[…]

Taugl – Hidden miracle

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At Taugl creek, I’ve been once before a few years ago but I did not take anywhere near enough time to explore this hidden miracle of nature. I was not completely aware of what this valley has to offer and went on after only a few hours. Now, older and[…]

La Gomera

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The first more extensive trip of the year 2015 was not to northern Norway as I planned first – it is simply too expensive to travel alone! My first alternative was La Gomera and, guess what, I am so happy that I discovered this marvellous place on the same latitude[…]

Franconian Winter

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The Franconian Winter is obviously coming to an end, the first signs during the last days was warmer and wetter weather. The snow is almost completely gone in the lowland and even in mid altitudes it’s disappearing quickly. So time for a few last winter photographs for this year until[…]

South Coast Classics

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Once more I’ve been to Iceland last November. It was only a trip for ten days and photography wasn’t even my main purpose as I stayed a few days in Reykjavík. But of course it’s impossible not to take at least a few days time to travel around to enjoy[…]

Winter in Bavarian Forest

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I’ve been to Bavarian Forest National Park a few times now, during every season of the year – except of winter. This was something I was thinking of for quite a while, waiting for a good opportunity to realize it. About two weeks ago, weather started to get really interesting.[…]

Gran Sasso d’Italia

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After a weekend in Monti Sibillini, I decided quite quickly to move on to my main destination of my trip. The plateau of Campo Imperatore in Gran Sasso et Monti della Laga national park is – with an altitude between 1500 and 1900m above see level – even higher than[…]

Monti Sibillini

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For some years I thought about visiting the mystical Monti Sibillini in central Italy. Inspired by the work of other talented photographers on the web I imagined a landscape unique in Europe. In beginning of June, I finally was able to witness it with my own eyes (and camera). The[…]

MontPhoto 2013 Highlight

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In this years MontPhoto competition on nature photography, I was able to advance to the Top 9 images in the category “Vegetal world”.

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