• Cephalantera rubra, Germany
  • Gymnadenia conopsea, Germany
  • Orchis militaris, Germany
  • Orchis morio, Germany
  • Ophrys speculum, Mallorca, Spain
  • Ophrys speculum, Mallorca, Spain
  • Ophrys tenthredinifera, Mallorca, Spain

Orchids – Miracles of Nature

I’m lucky to live in a region of Germany with an impressive abundance of orchids. They grow on moist and acid, shady meadows of the coniferous forest of the Fichtel Mountains as well as on the dry limestone hills of the Franconian Switzerland. Their variety is just astonishing and the their growth is a wonderful example of the ingenuity of nature. Some adapt the forms of insects to attract pollinators. Some look like little soldiers and some like lady slippers. Most of them are more or less endangered and protected by conservation areas. So every time you find a new growing place you did not know about before is a pleasant experience.