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I was born in Kronach/Ofr. and studied Physical Geography at the University of Bayreuth. Currently, I’m working as a satellite remote sensing specialist close to Munich.

In 2007 I started to photograph with digital SLR cameras, first with a Pentax K10D, then with a Pentax K7. Later I switched to Nikon’s full frame cameras and used D600 and D700 models. Ever since I started seriously with photography, the grand landscapes of the North and the rural ones around my home have become my main subjects. As my passion for hiking and mountaineering steadily increased after I moved close to the Bavarian Alps, I found bulky DSLR cameras more and more inconvenient. I’m also very much into long distance, several days hiking and canoe touring which is why you can now find tour reports in my new section Tourbook. Therefore I was looking for a lightweight and compact but nevertheless high-quality alternative and recently turned towards Sony’s a6300 APSC camera.

I’d be happy if you leave me a comment and I hope you enjoy my work!

The credits for the working photos go to my good friend Stevie Amm – Thanks!


My work has been published in national and international magazines, books and calendars and received awards and commendations in several national and international competitions. If you are interested in my work, please use the contact form.

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